Vera Lucia Fernandes de Aguiar


Image of Vera Lucia Fernandes de Aguiar

Vera Lucia Fernandes de Aguiar

Vera Lucia Fernandes de Aguiar passed away on May 31st, 2022 in Kirkland, Washington.

She was the only daughter of Zelia Seixas de Aguiar and João Fernandes de Aguiar on December 4th, 1966 in São Paulo, Brazil. She lived a full and devoted life, graduating from Universidade Santana with a degree in Business Administration. After 33 years in Brazil, she moved to the United States with her husband and two daughters.

Vera is survived by her remaining family; her mother Zelia Sexias de Aguiar, her husband Pérsio Antonio Afonso, her daughters Bruna and Giuliana Aguiar Afonso, and her brother Carlos Alberto Fernandes de Aguiar.

Vera, or how most of her family and loved ones knew her as, Verinha, was the epitome of kindness and unconditional love. Always a beacon of light and the warmest ray of sunshine, Vera lived her life for others and spent her time showing love to everyone around her.

Vera enjoyed warm and sunny days, a cold glass of prosecco, anything Disney related, and most of all spending time with her family. She fiercely fought Stage 4 colorectal cancer for six and a half years with a full smile and all the hope in the world that “tudo vai dai certo” or that everything will be okay. Above all else, she loved her family, believed that our purpose on earth is to love unconditionally, and always, always had faith that everything will be okay.


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