Randall George Cox


October 4, 1953 – November 14, 2021


image of Randy Cox

Randy Cox

The world is a little less funny now…Randall George Cox passed away Nov, 14, 2021, in Kirkland, WA, due to complications from a brain aneurysm with his bride by his side while listening to the Beatles.

Randy was born in Seattle, WA, and graduated from Highline High School. It was during his senior year when he was drawn to law enforcement after witnessing an altercation. After a sheriff’s deputy chased a suspect who fled on foot, Randy ran to the patrol car, grabbed the radio and explained to a dispatcher what happened. Within minutes, the deputy received support and arrested the suspect.

This was Randy: Making sure the bad guy was apprehended, ensuring support for officers who put in a hard day’s night…while managing to stay clear of doing any paperwork.

This sparked a 30-year career with the Redmond Police Department where he took a great deal of pride in working for the community he resided in. Upon retiring in 2010, he departed as the senior most officer in the force. He signed off the radio his final time, “1-Ocean-1…for the final time, I am out of service. Goodbye everybody, it’s been a pleasure to work with you.” The first “1” represented the first shift of the day, “Ocean” was the Overlake District he patrolled eight days a week, and the second “1” was his call sign, indicating that he was the most senior commissioned officer, something he took a great deal of pride in.

He took the time to know the community he represented and could often ease tensions and get all parties to come together during an altercation. There was a strong possibility that Randy had previously either arrested the person or had drinks with them…or both. His wicked memory could remember most any call he responded to throughout his career.

Most everyone recognized Randy – he didn’t meet a person he didn’t befriend. He had a love for the Beatles, smoking cigarettes, bellying up at a local watering hole , and cruising here, there, and everywhere with family and friends. His sense of humor always made him the center of attention with jokes not intended for the easily offended. For Randy, all he needed was love and he managed to get by with a little help from his friends.

He is survived by wife, Anne Selinger-Cox; sisters (2) Jana (James) Miniken and Gayle (David) Lewis; brother Kenneth (Melissa) Cox; nephews (3) Jason Minken, Justin Miniken, and Joshua Lewis; niece Jessica (lewis) Jabaay, seven great nieces and nephews; and five cousins. He is preceded in death by father, Harry George Cox; mother, Jaren Inga (Kleven) Cox-Steger; Step-Father, Jim Steger; Grandparents Mathias and Gina Kleven, and Walter and Clara Cox; numerous aunts and uncles, and one cousin.

For the final time, once again, 1-Ocean-1 is out of service. Goodnight.

The post first appeared on Barton Family Funeral Service.