Nicholas Styant-Browne


February 14, 1958 (Southport, Queensland, Australia)  –  July 17, 2022 (Kirkland, WA)


image of Nicholas Styant-Browne

Nicholas Styant-Browne

Husband to Teresa, grandfather to Nicholas III, brother to Philippa, Tony and Mark,  son to Geoff and Betty—Nicholas played every role in his life well, but father to his six children, Nicky, Mia, Georgia, Holly, Sophie and Zac was the position he held most dear. 

A natural charmer, he used his innate charisma to win over everyone from his wife to his hospice nurses. 

When he wasn’t whipping up a brisket, or another gourmet meal with Teresa in the kitchen, he was puffing on a cigar in the backyard, head buried in a book or regaling whatever audience he had with dramatic tales of his childhood and young adulthood in his home country of Australia. 

A graduate of Melbourne Law School, he first practiced law in Australia before moving to Seattle with his family in 2001 where he specialized in class actions. His Australian accent somehow only thickened after moving across the Pacific. 

He adored all animals, but worshipped his own dogs, Bruce and Zeke, both of whom stuck close to his bedside in the last weeks of his life. 

He lived for live music and went to shows regularly, usually arriving on the back of his most cherished possession—a Harley Davidson. 

Nicholas leaves behind shoes too big to be filled and a void where the sound of his laughter once rang.

The post first appeared on Barton Family Funeral Service.