Eifigenia C. Paguia


April 2, 1940  –  June 4, 2021


Eppie Paguia

A wife, mother, grandmother, aunt, colleague and a friend.

Youngest of the 7 siblings of Francisco Santos Correa and Elena Bernabe Bernardino, born in the Philippines. Eppie worked as a teacher, guidance counselor and had talent in writing poems. Eppie married her love of her life Renato, whom she had 3 children Rolan, Ronald and Lulu. Eppie guided and raised her three kids on her own while her husband was working overseas to support the family. More than a decade ago they both retired and came to America and lived a full and happy life, meeting new friends, staying in touch with family, relatives and friends by writing/sending letters/cards and enjoyed taking care of 2 of her 7 grand-kids and goes home to the Philippines to see her other grand-kids regularly.

Eppie loved cooking, chatting on the phone and entertain by telling jokes. Eppie enjoyed being the life of the party as she always says “laughter is the best medicine.”  When Eppie had surgery back in 2017, the hospital staff always gather in her room to hear her jokes, inspirational quotes and prayers.

Eppie always reminds everyone and wants them to memorize these: “Pray,…hope,…and don’t worry, I am not alone because God is within me and to always say “Thank you, Please and I’m sorry.”

Eppie was beautiful inside and out, always thinks of good on people, selfless and sincere. Eppie was described by her former students as the best teacher and mentor, by many as loving, caring, thoughtful and generous.

Nanay Eppie, your sudden passing has been tragic and numbing to all of us. Relieved you are now at peace and re-uniting with family and friends in Heaven. May God, His angels and saints welcome you in your new life eternity and allow you to watch over and guide us to safe path.

We love you and miss you. Farewell for now, until we meet again.


Renato, Rolan, Ronald, Lulu, in-laws and grand-kids


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