Beverly Marie Boyle


Born February 25, 1942
She passed from this life to the next on August 27, 2022 at the age of 80


image of Beverly Marie Boyle

Beverly Marie Boyle

Beverly was married Aug. 18, 1957 to Jerry Lee Boyle.

She had her first daughter, Sarah, the next year at the age of 16. She had 9 by the age of 27. Her only son, Andrew, was the 8th child. We often joked that we had to move to Kentucky to get him.

Her son and daughter and one of her grandsons, Christopher, preceded her to heaven. She is survived by 7 daughters, Elisabeth, Naomi, Joanna, Deborah, Rebecca, Mary, and Susanna. 21 natural grandchildren and 29 great grandchildren and many more extended family who were woven into the fabric of the family. Mom was the oldest of 9 children. She is also survived by 2 sisters and 5 brothers. She will be missed by all the family and friends.

Mom gave her life to God when she was very young. She raised her children to serve God. She was all about family and cherished every moment she had with them. Her biggest desire was that she would see each of her loved ones in heaven. She held her oldest granddaughter’s face and said she was going to a wonderful place and just to make sure everyone came there. When she woke up near the end and found one of her daughters crying, she said, “Don’t cry for me. I am going to a fantastic place.”

While married, mom got dragged from one place to the other, from the hills of Kentucky where we had to use an outhouse to Missouri where Joanna was born in a hotel. Mom adapted and loved her children. My dad left when Susanna, the youngest, was 3. Mom became a single mom. It was difficult but she still showed her love to each one.

She expressed her love to people by the abundance of food she brought to potlucks and family gatherings .

Near the end of life, Mom was in constant pain. She had a flare up of COPD and CHF. She also had a heart valve that did not work right. She was a beautiful person inside and out. She will be missed by all who knew her, but even though we will miss her, we do not wish her back. She is free, and she is happy, and we will see her again. We love you mom, now and always.

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