Beulah Thompson

PictureMy mom, Beulah Thompson, passed away in her sleep Weds July 8,2009. She was 91.  Mom was known for her positive and cheerful attitude.  She embraced all friends and animals who came into her world.  Mom had a passion for learning. Even in her last months she was trying to master the Chinese characters and poetry which fascinated her.  Mom was first a great mother and wife.  Her work varied from factory worker,to  commercial art to business.  The common thread in her life was art.  She created her life like a great portrait.  The canvas was filled with details and sketches of the future vision. Her strength was in her relationship with God who was LOVE.  She lived her life infused with her belief in God and his mighty power.  Mom was born in Barre, Massachusetts,went to high school in Pasadena,Ca.  Went to Art College in Pasadena.  Married my dad in 1941.He passed away 12 years ago.  Mom became the GirlScout leader for me when I was a child because our town had none.She sewed beautiful prom gowns for me when I was in highschool.  She was active in leading Alanon for over 10 years and helped many young women. During retirement she mastered new skills.  She learned to play the organ. Mom also became skilled with stained glass art.    She and dad lived in norhtern California most of there lives.Mom served as a pastor in her church in Oroville,Ca for 3years, until they moved to So.California again. Mom was ready for adventure at the snap of your fingers.  Mom and Dad spent many happy hours at their favorite summer place,lake Almanor,camping and fishing.  They always shared their catch with other campers.  I remember when  I was 3-4 years old,my brother,Don(ED)Thompson,would come home from the Navy with his buddies.  Mom & Dad would make a big BBQ in our backyard.  All our friends were always welcome.  Mom enjoyed her grandchildren—Craig Thompson, Brian Thompson and was always interested in their accomplishments.  She was happy when granddaughter, Jana(Richter)Hughes went to college in Chico,and they could have dinners together. She had a very special connection with grandson, KenRichter,too.  It all started with StarWars and expanded to anything of science or sci-fi.  My mother was the youngest of 6 children and family life was very important to her.  I learned many lessons from her.  She has been an inspiration for how to live well and to die well. I love her so much .Sincerely,Carol