Basic Scattering Service

Our boat, the Anubis, is moored in Lake Washington and we frequently scatter cremated remains in the lake.

Periodically, weather permitting, we schedule trips to the Pugent Sound. With the basic service, cremated remains are scattered in the Puget Sound at locations and times of our choosing.

Individual remains are scattered in separate locations and the GPS coordinates are carefully noted and recorded in our log.

The Certificate of Scattering includes the name of the deceased, date, time, and location of scattering, the name of the authorizing agent, and the name of the funeral home, crematory, or cemetery arranging the service, if applicable.

We are not allowed to carry passengers on these trips, however we can schedule other water craft that are licensed to carry passengers for families that wish to witness the scattering. Costs vary.

To arrange for basic ash scattering:
Place the order by adding it to your cart, below.
Fill out this authorization form.
Mail or deliver the remains to our office. Most people deliver the remains to us in the container in which they received them from the funeral home. Cremated human remains may only be shipped via the United States Postal Service. Mailing instructions.
We will acknowledge receipt of the remains by email or telephone
Scattering is carried out on a random schedule of our choosing, but usually within 60 days.
We send you a signed certificate and GPS coordinates of the location where the remains have been scattered.
Price: $99.00